​​I needed some color in my new home…some bright, some happy…and I knew just where to find it! Caroline Stoughton’s pieces were exactly what was needed in my home, and they’ve truly added a level of depth and warmth that wasn’t there before. I smile every time I look at the pieces I purchased, and I’m so glad I found her work! The use of color is so profound and beautiful; I always have sunshine in my home now. In fact, her pieces are what turned my house into a home.

-Rebecca M.

"The piece was perfect! I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into it considering this is the first painting I’ve ever requested and purchased. You captured every element of what I could’ve imagined and more. From seeing all of your other work I knew it’d be good, but you greatly exceeded my expectations. I would gladly recommend, and will be a return customer in the future.


"P.S. my mom (whom the painting was for) loved it! It’s hanging on the wall in her living room."

-Ev B.

"I went to Caroline for the cover art of the first project I ever released and it might be one of the best decisions I’ve made. What she created for me is something I plan to use and showcase for a very long time. I received many compliments on it and was told by more than a few people that they wanted to hear the music just based on how great the art looked. Caroline was able to get it done in the amount of time she told me she would need and was very professional throughout the whole process giving me updates on how the process was going. I’d highly recommend Caroline to anyone looking for commissioned art or looking for great work they can purchase"

-Nate J.

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"The vivid colors and balance of realism and abstraction is what drew me into Caroline’s work.  The piece I absolutely fell in love with was what appeared to me to be a deep, dark, cityscape-course, highlighted with pops of bright colors that make it a gorgeous window into a place I somehow felt like I’ve been before."

-Jess M.


"I have admired Caroline Stoughton's work for several years and am always drawn in by her passion for intensity and color. Her works are full of light and energy, always a joy. There is movement and vitality in her paintings, resulting in a feeling of exhilaration."

-Cindy P. 

"I wake up in the morning and I look at my piece and it brightens my day instantaneously. I adore pink, but every single color used is rich and amazing."

-Kara S.


Out of all the artwork I saw that day, yours caught my attentionThey're perfect on this plain white wall that needed a big splash of color!

-Nancy C.